Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hallo Spaceboy

So last month I won a copy of Moon on Blu-Ray. The only movie I have been wanting to see, and would have paid to see if it had made it to my po-dunk adopted town, and I WIN the movie, and I can't watch it. Classic! This is one of those things that could only happen to me. There was no way I was going to run out and buy a Blu-Ray player, so my dear friend A.B. got it from Netflix for me. We watched it two nights ago, even though I was fried from waking up too early, I couldn't wait. It was great, but that's not even what I want to talk about (ok maybe I will later). I want to talk about the first preview on the disc, which was for District 9. They used the music from the Solaris score! Can I throw a flag here? Get your own score, District 9! Gah! Speaking of scores, Clint Mansell's score for Moon was really good and almost as haunting as the aforementioned Solaris score.

Uh oh, I am in serious danger of rambling here. Mea culpa, I am much distracted by the blondies in the oven I am baking for my Valentine. (That's a totally lame excuse. Truth be told, I'm just not feeling inspired today. Ok, I shouldn't even be here. I have nothing to say.)

Where was I....
Ok, so, Moon. I knew I was going to like it, so no big surprises there. The only thing that surprised me was the way H-bot(this is the nickname the animals in City Folk gave my husband... can't take credit for that one) and I laughed over the computer's emoticons. I guess you'd have to have been in a long distance, online chat filled relationship to find it as spot-on as we did. So we loved that feature in a BTDT kind of way. And a great film overall, real sci-fi, not what passes for sci-fi in Hollywood these days. Love the use of model minis instead of just CGI. The whole thing made H-bot want to return to writing. Good for him I say, since I have totally lost all inspiration that used to make me the witty commentator of yore. This post is just embarrassing. I was so much more entertaining years ago when I was bitter!

I was supposed to be talking about the District 9-Solaris scandal, wasn't I? What can I say? O tempora! O mores! Nothing is sacred in Hollywoodland. If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen, weeping for humanity and the loss of my writing mojo, whilst tending to the blondies. (Now I've sat here so long dickering around that this is a lie. The blondies are done. I'll be in bed reading a less-than-enthralling Dean Koontz.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Smelly Jeans Update

Yes, they still smell. But wait! This story has a happy ending. I emailed Wal*Mart about the problem, and they passed my info onto the LEI jeans people. They called me on Tuesday and said they'd like to send me a complimentary pair of their best-selling jeans (which is the Sophia hiphugger flare, if anyone cares). They didn't even ask me to send my stinky jeans back to them. UPS just delivered them, and I love them! How great is that? I didn't think I'd get anything but a sorry-you-had-a-bad-experience email. I never expected new, non-smelly jeans! Way to be, LEI!