Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stinky pants

The downside of losing weight is no longer being able to wear certain favorite pairs of jeans. I'm talking about you, DKNY's I got at Goodwill! I am trying organize and put away clothes today, which is no easy task. Especially when you have certain things that don't fit anymore but you are attached to. So far I have 5 different stacks:
a)Stuff for Goodwill
b)Stuff to save for daughter
c)Stuff I actually wear
d)Stuff I don't know what to do with but don't want to get rid of (aka clothing purgatory stack)
e)Trash pile (reserved only for damaged goods, because I hate throwing clothes away)
I have accumulated a lot of jeans in various sizes over the years... they take up a lot of space. I don't know why I keep buying more (yes I do). Now, to be fair to me, I buy 99% of them at Goodwill, so not a lot of money is lost(yep I had to say this, because I worry more about you thinking I'm not thrifty than not stylish). But the other day at Wal*Mart, I found a pair of jeans on clearance that I wanted. Mostly because they came in "short", which fits me perfectly and is most hard to come by when you buy 99% of your jeans at Goodwill. Yesterday I put them on and discovered (after some super-sleuthing, ie "What is that smell? Oh, it's ME!") that they have a weird smell. A BAD weird smell. Like gold Dial soap (ew!). So today I washed and dried them, and guess what, there is still a lingering stink. Word to the wise, don't buy the "Ashley Tisdale" (I don't know who she is, but apparantly she reeks of gold Dial soap) LEI jeans at Wal*Mart.

Anyway where was I... oh yes, that sad pile of clothes that are too big. There is another problem I've found equally annoying and that is the pile of clothes you kept around because "someday I'll fit in them", and when you are finally able to fit in them, you find out they aren't flattering for whatever reason (ok, the reason in my case is that I have a teeny rearend that doesn't fill out certain jeans). I think I am destined to keep shopping in the junior's department FOREVER, due to my short stature and lack of booty, which means I'll keep having to buy smelly Ashley Tisdale jeans! Fantastic! The upside is that everyone thinks I'm 18 anyway, so I can get away with it. The downside is I don't want to SMELL, and also I have no hopes of ever looking sophisticated.

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  1. Truth be only wear a couple pairs at any given time. The humble pair(swabbing the deck)& your fancy-pants pair (if they could only see me now). The piles morph because you have dark wash, stone wash, white, black, stretch, cords, heavy weight, light weight, zipper and button. So what should be 2 pairs in each now hold 25.